CrossFit Light

What is CrossFit Light?

CrossFit Light meets the needs of new members who are on a budget or needs an “easier” CrossFit experience to get started with a new fitness routine. All workouts are designed for you to gain strength, mobility, muscle endurance, and conditioning. There will be NO Olympic lifting and very little traditional barbell movements in CrossFit Light… they will be replaced with kettlebell, medicine ball work, sleds, and many other modalities to elicit similar response. All movements are basic, functional, and will provide you a great workout!


What’s the difference between CrossFit Light and CrossFit?

CrossFit Light is a “lighter” and more simplistic version of our regular CrossFit designed classes. It could be for the new member and individuals just getting back into improving their fitness or for individuals who would like to combine some strength training to their current running or fitness routine. Yes, runners need to improve their strength too!

Both our CrossFit Light and regular CrossFit workouts stem from the methodology of constantly-varied, highly functional movements performed at relatively high intensity based on the fitness level and needs of our individual member athletes.

Cross Light requires no prerequisites to join, whereas our regular CrossFit class requires a 6 class OnRamp Course.

All CrossFit Light classes are 1 hour in length.


What level of fitness is expected of CrossFit Light athletes?

There are NO prerequisites. You can join now!


When will CrossFit Light be held?

*Must call 513.309.8458 or email before you attend your first class.