Our Programs – Personal Training/Group CrossFit/Remote Coaching

Just like our option for the Group versus Private On-Ramp, you can choose either Group CrossFit Class or Private Coaching. This enables us to better help you achieve your fitness goals. You may also choose to transition between these 2 options. Beginning with Private Coaching may help you become more confident with the movements. It can prepare you for joining in with the Group CrossFit Class, where we have a great sense of community and camaraderie. Please let us know your specific goals or concerns, and we will help to find the program(s) that works best for you.


Calibrated CrossFit is founded on a dedication to coaching. Our mission is to teach everyone the basic functional movements that form the fundamental elements of CrossFit. We emphasize proper mechanics and multiple progressions to get our clients moving safely and efficiently. You will learn to squat, deadlift, and press. You will learn to snatch, clean, […]

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal TrainingĀ is a great option for meeting your specific fitness goals. You will have a personal coach to help you identify and improve your specific weaknesses, while continuing to develop your strengths. You will have an individualized training regimen, and additionally receive guidance for improving mobility/flexibility and nutrition. Private Coaching is excellent if you are […]