1/14/15 Wednesday


A. Snatch-grip “Second pull” drill; EMOM x 8min (8 sets) – Keep weight under 65% of 1RM

*Slowly pull the bar from the knees (shoulders over the bar) to the high hang (torso vertical), return to the above the knee position and complete a power snatch


B. 1000m Row x 3 sets, rest 3min

*Goal is to maintain your 2k pace from last week across all three sets.


D. 3 rounds NOT for time of:

10 Strict TTB

15 weighted Sit ups – feet anchored with DB across chest

15 Weighted Hip Extensions



Wod will be posted at gym

1/5/14 Monday



-4×0:20sec Seated Pike Stretch

-3 Attempts at Max Effort L-Sit on Parallettes

*If your max effort sets are not at least :20sec, accumulate 1:30 in total time.

-3×40sec 30 Degree Handstand Hold


A. Snatch wave load ; EMOM X 8 sets

Loads %: 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 75%, 80%, 85%,

B. Front Squats; 2 reps x 3 sets; rest as needed

Take a few warm-up attempts then perform all sets at same tough weight


For time:

2,000m Row



Wod will be posted at gym

4/15/14 Tuesday


A. Bench Press: Build to a 1RM over the course of 6 sets, rest 2-3min b/w sets

B. Dips; 4 x AMRAP (-1), 90sec rest b/w sets

For time:

2k Row



Wod will be posted at gym