Jake Lawson

I remember a day in February, snow on the ground, lungs burning in the back room of a small business complex, and a friend from my home town assuring me this CrossFit thing was fun! At that point, I honestly couldn’t tell you what the CrossFit methodology was, besides madness. After four years, I’ve realized it’s nothing more than a functional task bringing results to people from all walks of life. My goals have changed over the past couple of years from competing in the sport of fitness to coaching and striving to be fit. As a coach, it’s rewarding to see the challenges people face and the adversity they overcome daily. It’s a time during everyone’s day to let go, share a little pain just to laugh at afterwards, get better, and know there’s a room full of people willing to push you further than you’ve ever thought possible.

  • CrossFit-Level 1 Trainer
  • UC Bachelor in Exercise Science