Our Coaches

Arjuna Smith

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity – the definition of CrossFit. I first heard those words in my late twenties when I was introduced to CrossFit. I can say from personal experience that the CrossFit method works! It is a holistic scalable approach to fitness that trains the body in a systematic integrated […]

Dr. Brittany Smith

I found CrossFit in the late summer of 2010, after retiring from 18 years of gymnastics.  CrossFit was a natural fit for me, but I was surprised that it helped me get in even better shape than I ever was during my gymnastics career.  My favorite part about Calibrated CrossFit is the community Arjuna and […]

Anna Stuck

I first tried CrossFit in the fall of 2015 when I was looking for a new way to stay in shape. Right away I loved it and knew I wanted to coach one day! Calibrated has such an awesome community that gets you excited to walk in the door. As a member, I love the […]

Amanda Palmer

As a wife and mom, consistent exercise and a healthy lifestyle are a must. After having my daughter in 2011, I found group fitness at an all-women’s studio. Soon after, I began leading Les Mills GRIT classes, a 30-minute HIIT workout, and worked as an ACE Group Fitness Instructor for combinations of Pilates and cardio. […]

Jimmy Stafford

I started CrossFit in 2014, right after the end of my 8 year rowing career.  CrossFit was completely new to me but the daily challenges and long term goals got me hooked!  Everyday there is something new and different to work on at Calibrated and I look forward to the challenge. As a coach I quickly saw […]

Erin Kratzer

I found CrossFit in early 2013 in search of something to keep me fit and healthy, but also fuel my competitive spirit. Being an athlete most of my life, I struggled with motivation after college and running was getting old (I still love it, but need more!). After my first CrossFit workout, I was hooked […]

Christian Clark

I found CrossFit in the early years of my military experience, and right away I knew this was an area of exercise I wanted to excel in. I found that CrossFit promotes more than just physical appearance (or stronger muscles) but generates a powerful mind that enables us to push past mental limits. I have […]

Brandon Sethi

I started CrossFit in 2015 in an effort to simply try something new. The traditional gym environment was getting stale and I knew I needed to change something up. On an impulse, I decided to try out a CF gym that I drove by daily and it turned into the best decision I could have […]

Dr. David Marcon

I started CrossFit in 2016 with my daughter.  I was curious about CrossFit and her interest pushed me to schedule an On-Ramp at Calibrated.  In retrospect, my training had lost focus and I wasn’t as excited to workout like I used to. There were no competitions or races to train for, no goals being set, […]

Demetrius Lingoes

I started CrossFit in the spring of 2013 after spending years doing the typical gym routine and not seeing much in return. I have always been active in sports and the gym but the dynamics of CrossFit pushed my abilities significantly and I saw improvements in every aspect of my physical performance. As a CrossFit […]



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