Friday – 4/13/18

1 set:
Butt Kicks x 50’
High knee Pillar Skips x 50’
Straight leg pillar Skips x 50’
Straight leg and arm bear crawl x 50’ Forward and Backward
Forearm Smash x 30sec
Forearm stretch x 30 sec each side
Banded Front Rack Stretch x 30-60sec
2 sets:
Theraband Empty BB Squat @5511 x 8
Single Leg RDL w/ KB x 8/leg
Empty Barbell
2 sets:
5-8 Clean Grip RDL
5-8 Hang muscle Cleans
5-8 Front squats
5-8 strict press’s


A. For the following 20 minutes, increase the loading on the barbell each set, allowing the initial positional work to help you build into heavy loading for your full cleans from the floor.

EMOM, for 3 sets:
Mid-Thigh Hang Clean x 1 rep
EMOM, for 3 sets:
Above Knee Clean x 1 rep
Every 90sec, for 5 sets:
Slow Pull Clean (7sec) x 1 rep
Every 2min, for 3 sets:
Clean Grip Deadlift w/ 2sec pause at knee + Stand + 9sec descent x 2 reps

B. AMRAP in 10min of:
10 Ground to Overhead (115/75 lbs)
10 Burpees Over the Barbell
*Advanced use (135/95). Must be able to show proper power jerk in order to use this load
*You can not use anymore then 80% of your tough 1rep above

Optional Accessory (after class)
A1. Hanging Knees to bar; 8-10 reps x 3 sets
A2. Heavy Barbell Curls; 8-10reps x 3 sets
A3. Bench Dips; 20 reps x 3 sets

B. Banded pull-Aparts; 100 reps

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