11/19/14 Wednesday


Three sets, not for time, of:

Scapular Wall Slides x 6-8 reps @ 3030

Quadruped Extension-Rotation x 10 each

Side-Lying Windmill x 10 each


A. Find a tough 1rep on Bench Press

B. Build to a tough but not 1 rep max on Deadlift

-If you can not touch your toes you pull from a riser


C. Four rounds for time:

10 Dead lifts, 225/155

10 TTB

10 Seated DB Press, 

10 KBS, 53/35



Wod will be posted at gym

11 thoughts on “11/19/14 Wednesday

  1. A. 145#
    B. NA back hurt
    C. 10:24
    Did 45#plate situpsx12 instead of deadlift, since these do not hurt my back
    25# seated DB presses- these got hard
    and started with a 53# kb but switched to a 35#

    First 2 rounds of toe to bars unbroken

    3 sets of 15 on Reverse Hyper with strap 25#

  2. A) 135 felt good, just looking to get the movement back
    B) n/a just stretched the hams
    C) 12:11 – 225, 40, 53kbs. On the shoulder press did 5 single with right shoulder then 5 with both. Strength not there yet.

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