6 thoughts on “12/31 Monday

  1. A1. 80 (not sure what my PR is, so this is it now)
    A2. 90 (PR)
    B1. 115 (no PR)
    B2. 5# weighted bar dip…yay!
    C. nope
    D. 17:30…pretty horrible, i know…rough

    arms are absolutely fried (and were before today)
    great 2012! bring on 2013!

  2. A1. 170#
    A2. 265#
    B1. Did last week and got 225# a little ugly
    B2. 60# ring dip
    C. 6 strict
    D. 16:28. Finally got to feel what it is like to tear…..not good

  3. A1. 115# (PR) clean

    A2. 200# CGBP (PR) clean

    B1. 145# (PR) clean

    B2. 95# (PR) clean

    C. 12 strict HSPU

    D. did not do this one cause my hands were still torn from kipping toe 2 bars Saturday

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