11/30 Friday


1000m Row

MFR – MB/Foam Roll



A1. standing press; build to a max, rest as needed

A2. Weighted pronated Pull-up; build to a max, rest as needed


10 rounds for time:

10 Pull-ups

10 box jumps 24/20″


NOTES: Provide AM body-weight and limitation on the workout. As well as what round you started to “break down” if at all


2 thoughts on “11/30 Friday

  1. Bw 130, subbed metcon w max backsquat, will make up
    A. Backsquat – 150, 10# pr
    B. Press – 75, 80f
    C.wtd. pullup – 2.5#, pr…yay!

  2. 85# press (matched PR)
    40# pronated weighted pullup

    no PRs
    Did not do metcon- fatigued
    worked on umbrokend pullups and box jumps
    home to rest for Sat

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