8 thoughts on “4/6 Friday

  1. 125# back squat – barely made it…should have been easier for me…ugh
    65# press – frustrating! 70F
    170# DL

    360 total – goal was to get over 351, which is the intermediate level for my weight on the CFT grid on the main site…looking forward to doing this again down the road to see how much i improve…*note to self – do not run the night before doing the CFT* 😉

    dylan could not complete b/c of his knee…he was pretty bummed since he was looking forward to this one…gettin’ old, man 😉

  2. 175 PR
    75 not PR ;( (need to start all presses w hands outside shoulders)
    230 not PR (only did 2 since 230 was ugly)
    Thought for sure I’d do better
    Goal was 500
    Next time

    CFT 480

  3. 245. PR by 20
    170. PR by 5
    330. PR by 15

    Total: 745

    CFT PR by 90. No one has ever ha accused me of being strong.

  4. 425 PR
    185 (this is now my baseline bc never recorded before)
    505 PR
    1115 I had more on back squat and deadlift but was at a conventional gym with no spotter on BS and rule #2 @ gym was no dropping weights. I got reprimanded once.

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