Our Facility

Calibrated Training
CTS is a 4,000sq ft. warehouse style strength & conditioning facility. At CTS we have all the top needed equipment from the worlds best manufactures. We can facilitate an elite level athlete competing in national or international competition in Olympic Lifting, CrossFit,Powerlifting,Strongman,as well as any Collegiate or Olympic sport. Some of the brands of our equipment include, WEST-SIDE BARBELL, ELITE FTS, LEGEND FITNESS, MAGNUM FITNESS,& ROUGE FITNESS just to name a few. There are multiple custom made pieces as well.Some of our equipment is listed below:

  • 7 Squat Racks, 4 of which are full collegiate power racks
  • 5 Olympic Lifting Platforms, 3 of which our competition grade,
  • Competition grade barbells & bumper plates
  • Magnum & Rouge GHD’s
  • Over 20 specialty bars from companies such as West-Side Barbell,Sorinex,Williams Strength,Elite Fts,Rouge Fitness,
  • A&J Jerk Boxes
  • 5-150lb urethane coated UMAX dumbbell pairs in 2 1/2 lb increments
  • 5-100LB kettellbell pairs in 5lb increments with triples of some weights
  • Chains, Bands, Multiple Sleds, Farmers Handles, Tires, tons of tons of equipment we could go on forever come check it all out!

Calibrated Facility
We have mens & women’s bathrooms,including 5 showers to make sure your hygiene stays in check if your heading to work or somewhere special. We have an outdoor feild area that has walking access to Heritage Oak Park, which is Mason’s largest public park with well maintained lighted Baseball, Softball, Soccer & Basketball fields (and courts) with a 1 Mile outdoor concrete walkway.

Calibrated - Turf